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Mil-Spec Stainless Steel Cable, 3/64

Mil-Spec Stainless Steel Cable, 3/64" 7x7, Clear Nylon Coated to 1/16"

Our Price $125.00 250 foot Spool
Product ID: CC-MS-DFAR-SS-NC-00015

Small diameter 7x7 (and 7x19) construction wire rope is sometimes referred to as "aircraft cable". This is a generic term to describe braided steel wire rope that is no larger than 3/8 of an inch in diameter. These size cables and constructions are used in a variety of applications such as Aircraft controls, running rigging on sailboats, exercise equipment, winches and garage doors and other wide range of mechanical applications.

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Diameter Inches 3/64 - 1/16

LBS. per 1000 FT. .49

Breaking Strength (LBS.) 270

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